How well do you know your partner?

When you meet someone there’s so much you want to know about the person but it might get a bit awkward just throwing certain questions out there. So I’ve devised a set of questions (with the help of relationship sermons listed below) and turned it to a challenge that you can do (might make it less awkward lol).

The questions below are relevant and crucial questions that you should have knowledge of BEFORE you decide to enter a commitment with someone. It would also help to know if you both are compatible with each other or how you wish to handle your differences. So I thought it would be nice to turn this into a quiz/ game challenge! Please feel free to comment and tell me what you think. I would also write a post on why some of these questions are relevant! Have fun! Xx


1. Do you have a religion?

2. What’s your view on church attendance? (Do you go just on Sundays or during weekdays?)

3. How often do you read your bible?

4. What is your relationship with God like (i.e. is it personal)?

5. Do you see the essence in prayer?


1. What are your views on relationships (some people don’t consider relationships a serious commitment, you need to know)?

2. What do you feel are the key steps to a good relationship?

3. What is submission to you as a man & woman?

4. What is your deal breaker (is there something the person would do that would make you break up the relationship)?

5. What do you consider as cheating (i.e. flirting, following back on Instagram, staring lol etc. you need to know)?

6. How should friendship with the opposite sex be handled (can you have opposite sex friends)?

7. What are your views on exes?

8. How much does your family influence your decisions?

9. How many kids do you want to have?


1. How do you show intimacy (this does not have to turn to a sex talk but you want to know what your boundaries are in a relationship i.e. do we kiss or do we just wait till marriage before we do anything intimate)?


1. Are you a morning person?

2. Are you a tidy person?

3. What do you do for fun?

4. Do you like spending time with your family?

5. Where do you want to live?

6. What is your overarching goal in life?


1. How do you handle conflict/ arguments (sounds like an interview question but you would want to know this to see how the person reacts in an argument)?

2. When you get angry, what does the person do to appease you?

3. What is your family background (How was your childhood background and how active were your parents in your life, are your parents together?)

4. What are your career goals? (If the person’s job requires a lot of travelling/ relocation and you know you can’t handle it, you need to talk about that)


HOW TO TELL I AM IN LOVE BY Pastor Bimbo Odukoya

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